Happy New Year!

Happy New Year's!! This year has been amazing for us and we feel truly blessed. We have had fabulous clients with beautiful weddings that have filled a part of our lives that we didn't even know we were missing. Every wedding Rick and I wake up excited (sometimes we fight but it's expected - it's stressful!!) and revel in the love and pure joy we watch throughout the evening. At the end of every event I always look up at Rick and say "I love this job", honest to goodness truth, every time.

If you would have asked me a year ago if I thought that my ultimate goal would be to open my own event planning business and be among the best in Cincinnati I would have laughed. I'm a very annilytical person and never really thought of myself as creative. But through the grace of up above I fell into this business. For those of you that don't know how I got started it was through a friends wedding. She had nothing done and I said to her (in my oh-so-sensative way) 'look, either you start doing something or your wedding is going to be ghetto white trash. It's up to you....". And she looked at me and said 'do what you want'. Thus began my fist attempt at full event planning/coordination. It was through this processes that I began to love it and at the urging of several vendors (some of whom tried to get me to work for them) that I said, hell, let's try it After we booked out first event it just took off blew up!

I have met and befriended some amazing women running their own companies of who have given me the strength and support to join them. To those of you who have held my hand and promied it would all work out - thank you. You know who you are.....

Looking forward I am so excited by what the future holds for us. We're already booked through August and have been quickly filling up for the latter part of 2009. Who would have thought?! I begin this year with big dreams and high hopes - thank you all for being a part of me and a part of this unbelievable experience!

Mad love to the 2008 TC Couples - I heart you all!
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Melissa & Keith
Tracy & Max
Jen & Craig
Megan & Justin
Christine & Chris
Lauren & Andy
Monica & Phil
Sara & Andy
Jen & Tim
Jen & Jason
Karen & Barry
Liz & Diggs
Cindy & Brent

Happy New Year!

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