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{Official Response} Tres Chic Event Planning is a new way to look at event planning. By combining the love of fashion and design Très Chic looks at each wedding as the quintessential “Little Black Dress”. Every woman knows that her LBD is the go-to ensemble for any situation.We use this philosophy to tailor each event to the needs of the client. Whether it’s adding the classic sting of pearls or kicking it up with a hot new color combination Très Chic brings style to any type of event. 

ok but for real, who are we?

Meet Rick...{that's him being helpful holding a flash on fountain square - isn't he cute?}

via  Steve Lyons

Here I am! Nice to meet you!

via Kortnee Kate

He loves measuring tapes 
I don't think I know how to use them correctly...

He sticks to what's written
I'm flexible and go with the flow

He's detailed perfection 
I'm big picture and special touches.

He sews. I glue. He's structured. I approach things organically. He's math. I'm history. He's meat and potatoes. I'm anything sweet. 

He loves to take care of people and make sure everyone is happy,
I love the challenge of making someone's day perfect. 

We believe in honesty and integrity. In hard work and doing what's right. That family comes first and life is too short to hold a grudge. We believe that you are only as good as your last project and put our all into everything we do. 

We're goofy and silly, serious and focused. We're passionate and dedicated. We laugh loud and smile often. It's inevitable that he'll do something to drive me crazy but at the end of the day, when the centerpieces are set and the bride is down the aisle, we're husband and wife, best friends and crazy in love {with each other and weddings. What more could you want?!}. 

And that's how we make it work. 

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