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I love photography. Growing up my mom ran a modeling agency and I remember looking through the contact sheets and picking my favorites. We all know I'm not one to hold back my opinion so whenever we get pics back from an event I drive Rick crazy with my thoughts on the images. It's very common to find me sitting on the couch shoving the laptop in his face saying 'oh oh look at this! Love the color' or 'huh...interesting'. 

Rick and I have been blessed to work with some of the best photographers in Cincinnati and I must admit that it's made me very..well...picky about what I think is a great shot. Again, I'm not a professional photographer so there's no technical justification for my thoughts - they're just my opinion.

OKOK so I wanted to share some of my favorites from real TC weddings. Really there are two things that make me loooooove a picture:

1. The Color
2. The emotion

That's it - nothing fancy or technical. I just love when I see a picture and it makes me take in a sharp breath and makes my heart flutter. Here are some favorites of our couples that made me have that gut reaction. 

{{All above by Steph Carson}

{{all above by Steve Lyons}}

{{Sandra Reed}}

{{All above by Chad Engle}}

And these last ones should come as no surprise. They are literally my absolute favorites right now. The rest of the shots are by my friend Kort{as in the uber-fab Kortnee Kate}

{yes, they were this rowdy!}

{not sure if I love the pic or the shoes more....}

{{Had to include this one of our largest wedding party to date. I think there were 25 total...good times!}}

A HUGE thank you to those photographers that have shared their talent with us and to our couples that have blessed us with the opportunity to share in these moments. We love you all! 

Oh and it's ok if you don't agree with me. Just don't tell me ;)
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