Cindy and Brent

I had the absolute pleasure of first meeting Cindy and Brent last December. It's hard to believe that it's almost been a year since that first meeting. I remember the meeting so clearly..Cindy kept laughing and nodding her head and Brent kept asking me questions and inquiring about what exactly I would do if they decided to hire me. So typical for their personalities :) Love it!

From that meeting they became like family to us. Cindy and I 'talked' (email, voice or text) everyday. I went with her to pick out bridesmaid dresses (killer deal at Ann Taylor! Good work!), taste cupcakes (and make the flavor decision since Cindy struggles in that department) and hosted her for many late nights working and reworking centerpiece ideas. What started as a package providing a little extra help we soon advanced to full 
planning. And I'm so glad we did! I simply adore Cindy and her personality matches mine so well...we're both goofy yet serious and not afraid to express our opinions. This was one of those weddings that I cried during the ceremony...I felt like it was my friend up there getting married. And then I cried because it meant that we were 'breaking up' and Brent got to have all her time. So sad...

Anyway - enough back story for all (3..) of you readers out there. This is the first wedding that we were lucky enough to get paired up with Kortnee and Ted from Simply Timeless. Kort shot our wedding 2 years ago and we quickly became friends. I tell Rick all the time that I am so spoiled when it comes to photography because I compare everyt
hing to Kort's work. Her coloring is unlike any others that I have seen. Her work is not only cutting edge but it always tells such a story. Raw emotion..that's what Kort calls it. You can totally see Cindy's personality shine through her pictures. And at the end of the day that's what we all want...beautiful pictures that reflect how we felt on the most memorable day of our lives. So 20 years from now our future children can look thr
ough our wedding pictures and say "mom you look so happy" and you can reply "that's because I was (am) honey". Simply euphoric, Simply Timeless. Wow I'm cheesy :) 

On to some pictures!

OK so if you ever thought about why a bride and groom would want to take their photos before the ceremony look through the series of the next 3 photos. First Cindy is in the limo on her way to seeing Brent for the first time....
She sees him and is overwhelmed with love...
They embrace...
And then laugh at each other for crying.
Sorry just don't get those shots when your first meeting is when you walk down the aisle. Most ceremony locations aren't set up to get those pictures. Plus you have time to get tons more photos and my reasoning goes on and on...I won't bore you here with all of them :)

The photo above and the one below are good examples of the 'raw emotion' 
shots Kort and I are so fond of. 

Seriously..look at that sky! Stunning!!

Love love love this photo!

And this, my dear readers, is one of the many resemblences of my own wedding and Cindy's. The bride out on the dance floor leading the booty dancing. Gotta love it!

Brent & Cindy - it was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you for being such an amazing couple. Brent - thanks for putting up with me and Cindy. I promise I kept the budget as low as possible. Cindy - there are not enough words. Basically don't ever break up with me for real. I'll see you at the club :) Love you guys! Congratulations!

Kort - thanks for taking such amazing photos and truly capturing all the aspects of this wedding. You guys are the best!

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Cindy and Brent Cullen said...

Of course I have to leave a comment now!
Kristen, as I've told you before, that day was perfect. And I owe a lot of that perfection to you and Rick. And Kortnee captured it beautifully.
The best part of breaking making up! mwah!

An Atlanta Bride said...

I love pictures that capture the pure emotions felt throughout the day. The photographer did a great job of doing just that!


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