Monica and Phil

This weekend we had the pleasure of working with Monica and Phil. They were such a cute couple - Monica is full of love and Phil just lights up when she's around. The evening went very smoothly (even when Grandma showed up right before the end of the ceremony and we had to squeeze 6 more seats at the reception!) and I loved working with the ladies at the Cincinnati Club. 

This is such a beautiful location!!! The building is awe-inspiring and the staff was wonderful to work with. I'm thrilled to be having several more events coming up here!

I just adore Courtney. Her bouquets are always stunning. The thing I love is that her florals are so versatile. I was able to take the pew decorations from the ceremony and put them in a vase at the reception and we suddenly had centerpieces for the cocktail table! Totally unplanned but looks like it was always a part of the master plan. Plus Courtenay is just so sweet - you just have to have mad love for her!

So gorgeous! Sorry I didn't get pictures...the detail was amazing. And the cake tasted scrumptious!

Here are a few pics I snapped when I wasn't running around!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the sneak peak into the cinci club - we are SO excited to be having our reception there. cute pic of you and your DH!


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