Jenn & Jason

Jennifer & Jason 09.27.08

Wedding Colors: Black, White and Green
Unifying element: colors/damask pattern

Rick and I had the absolute joy of working with Jenn and Jason this weekend. Jenn was completely laid back and chill throughout the whole planning period. Her sweet disposition  makes you just want to do anything in the world for her. The ceremony and reception took place at Lake Lyndsay - which, although it was far - it was well worth it. 

Jenn, Jason and their families pretty much put every detail together for this wedding. DIY through and through. I dropped the TC cylinders off to Jenn and she and her mom put the fabulous centerpieces together. Typically when a bride tells me that she is going to do all her own flowers I grown inside. But I will admit, this event was breathtaking. Maybe when Jenn gets back from her amazing honeymoon in Jamaica she'll do a guest blog about her experience as a DIY bride - comments to this post may help encourage her (hint*hint*) 

Take away lessons to brides: 
Simple can be stunning. You don't need to have all the 'platinum wedding' extras to have a beautiful wedding. Jen took the damask pattern and pulled it throughout the whole event. From the invites, to programs, the seating chart and ribbon - everything was touched with the pattern. This visually ties all of the details together making a very pleasing ascetic for your guests. They probably won't be able to articulate exactly what it was that made the event so memorable but it's all those little details that bring the whole event together.  

OK OK enough's some NON-professional pics. As in I ran around as quickly as possible just to give you all a sneak peek :) Now that's blog-love! 

Monogram+Damask = Classic Ease 

The ceremony site - check out the bunches of carnations!!!

24 buckets of carnations in the pathfinder making their way to the aisle! Plus the ferns in the front! 

The Reception

Fabulous seating chart by Bluster Day Designs - they did a great job on this, the programs and the table numbers. Definitely recommended for your stationary needs. 

Drink menu - cute way to use a ribbon. This was tied inside the frame with no glass. 

Scrumptious cake by Cakes by Caroline - oh and I had the caterers teach me the 'correct' way to cut a wedding cake! I love learning new things :) Plus it was kind of fun to get a little messy!

Ok so I tried to get good shots of the centerpieces and I am having to accept the fact that I am not destined to get good pictures. These at least give you an idea of how great they looked. hard can it be to get a decent shot? Kortnee help me!

Table numbers by Blustery Day Designs. mmm..damask.... hehe

You can't tell very well in this photo but the bridesmaids dresses were adorable. Long story but one came from Macys (I believe..) and the rest from ebay. The girls were all different ages and Jen encouraged them to dress appropriately. Loved all the different shoes. 
Family photos throughout the years. They had blustery day create tents for each photo with information of who they are and when the photo was taken. I love the e-pic guestbook in the center. This table had people around it all night!

Image taken from balcony. During the cake cutting and first dances all of the couple's friends were leaning over the railing looking down. It was too sweet. 

Rick and DJ Brian Douglas. He was such an absolute pleasure to work with. Bummed that this was on of his last weddings...maybe one of our couples will be lucky enough to witness his genius :)

Jenn & Jason thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day. Judy - thanks for the assistance with the tulle :) You did a wonderful job! Mostly thanks to everyone for allowing us to play such an important role in your day and for forever being a part of the TC Family!
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megan mc. said...

Love, love, love it! Thanks for sending to me! Her paper products are amazing! I'm keeping this one on file! :)

Vanessa said...

Hey Kristen! Thanks for the kudos! I had a blast working on Jennifer's invites and related custom designed pieces. And you're right -- she WAS an absolute joy to work with. ;) It was great to see her vision unfold into something amazing. And then of course all your hard work to bring it all together so beautifully is just fantastic!! Well done!


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