Wedding Graffiti

You all know I love anything I can put my monogram on but this is even better! I wish I had known about this 2 years ago. You can add it in so many places to really personalize your wedding. What a charming idea!

Can't you just imagine this one on the wall behind you?
From their website:
It's called Wedding Graffiti and it's very thin pieces of matte vinyl that look "printed" when applied to most smooth surfaces. The whole design arrives on one sheet of transfer paper. You (or I...) just tape the transfer paper into place, burnish it down and peel it away. Only the individual letters and graphic elements remain. Wonderful Graffiti removes quickly, and won't harm underlying surfaces.

Love this one on the doors leading into the the reception

Quote their website: "It's so easy, even a nervous groom can do it". I find that pretty funny :)
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Jenn O said...

I love it! I am going to need some stuff from that site!


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