Lauren & Andy

I love that I'm getting caught up on TC wedding posts! Here's another one for you :)

I first met with Lauren and Andy on a cold evening..starbucks was closed so we moved out meeting over to Joseph Beth's. I knew it was Lauren as soon as she walked in...she's a classically styled girl with a hint of sass. She told me all about the tent wedding to be held on her parents' farm in Kentucky. I was immediately enthralled with this event! I was ecstatic when they called to book their date. I truly believe that Lauren might be the nicest, most genuine person I have ever met. She and Andy are just good people.

I was so excited for this wedding that I made my fist inspiration board about it. During the big snow storm of 2008 I designed this:

Here is an updated board with photos from their actual wedding. The fabulous pics are by Chad Engle out of Kentucky. I think she totally acheived her desired look & feel for the event.

The wedding was amazing!! All the little details really stood out and you could totally feel all the love everyone had for the bride and groom. Oh and it was sooooooooo darn hot!! I thought I was going to die as I set up the tent. But by the time the reception kicked off everyone had cooled down and were ready to hit the dance floor!

At the end of the night I saw Lauren come out in a new white halter dress and when I asked about her wedding dress she said "oh red wine got spilled on it so it's soaking in the bathtub". Cool as can be...see, kind, positive and just a joy to be around :) Thanks for allowing us to be a part of it! Oh, and thanks for returning the votives!! Much love!

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