A Roaring 1920's Bachelorette Party - Part I

I'm thinking that it's about time to share the deets from my sister (in-law)'s wedding events...maybe past time! Let's start with her bachelorette weekend...

Yes you heard me - weekend! Since her fiance was headed to Vegas I thought that it was only fair that she get a full weekend of events as well. Their wedding was to take place at Museum Center and since Jen has been slightly obsessed with the 1920's-30's I decided to keep with that theme and plan a flapper inspired weekend!

I'll start with the first night and split it into 2 posts since there's a ton of pictures! We kicked off the weekend with a 'quiet' night at our friend's (and sis of the groom) house which we transformed into the "Edlen Speakeasy"

 As luck would have it her decor totally went with our theme so we had a great starting point!

I knew there was going to be a photobooth at the wedding so I picked items that could be used for that after the weekend. You know, the usual goods - pearls, cigarette holders, boas, feathers...etc  

 I made personalized wine glasses for all the girls to use over the weekend that doubled as a favor. I printed the names on computer paper, trimmed the names, taped the names on the inside of the glass and then traced the letters with a glass pen from Michaels. It's a pretty easy DIY project!

Since we all went to school together it was pretty easy to gather lots of pictures of the bride! 

 Since we knew we were ordering pizza for dinner we just put out light snacks and treats - just something to nibble on before the 'entertainment'. Dum dum dummmmmm.....

 Did you spy the drinks on the left side of the table in the first shot? Cute names go so far... 

And now for my favorite part of the night

I really wanted to do something unique and we're totally not the stripper types (no offense if you are!) so I was racking my brain to think of a 'surprise' that she would really enjoy. Jen Jenbabe (forget it her real name, I've called her Jenbabe since she was 9 so you're just going to have to go with me on it!) and I had recently gone to a burlesque show and absolutely loved it. We were dancers in high school so we loved that part and we loved how empowering the whole scene is sooooooo....

...while she was distracted I snuck in a burlesque performer to give us a little lesson.

I WISH I had a better picture of her reaction. When the instructor came down the steps she was like "what the heck is going on here" and then when we realized what was happening she was so excited! You can see the 'WTH' expression above ;)

So we spent the evening learning to shimmy, tweak and whatever else she told us to do. Let me tell you how fun and funny this was. Best Idea EVER!

 I'm going to spare you all the pictures but let me tell you there was a lot of this: 

So there's the first night of our Roaring 20's Weekend! Stay tuned for part 2!
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