A Roaring 1920's Bachelorette Weekend - Part II

So I showed you all the deets in this earlier post about Jenbabe's Roaring 20's Bachelorette Weekend but wanted to share the rest of the weekend!


I wanted to make sure Jenbabe got a vacation-esque weekend so what do we all want to do on vacation? Yep - we told her to suit up and we headed off to spend the day at Coney Island.

{How darn cute is she?! Suit is Betsey Johnson}

While it might not have been Vegas we still had plenty of people watching to do {trust me on this...}

We even met the random that wanted to share all his love advice with the bride to be. 

Next up - getting beautified for the big night out!

If I can impart any advice through this post it is this: schedule your makeup trial for a day that you are actually doing something special. This way you can judge how your look wears throughout the night and you get to look super hot. It's a win-win situation. 
{That's the fabulous makeup artist Heidi McKenna - we love her}

Let's go!

While we didn't require everyone to dress in flapper attire I did ask that they take inspiration from the era. Apparently that meant black dresses :)


After sleeping in {!!} we headed to brunch...where the celebration continued!

From there the plan was to go to Charming Charlie to select the bridesmaid's jewelry. If you aren't familiar - CC hosts parties where you can have the store to yourself and they serve snacks/drinks. There's no fee and you actually get a discount on the jewelry. 

Unfortunately we didn't quite make it there. Too much fun the night before ;) 

And we're at the end! I hope this gives you some ideas on planning a multi-day event whether it's a bachelorette theme or not. Everything you saw in these posts were made by me so please ask questions if you have any! 

Next up - the wedding! 
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