Royal Wedding Inspiration Comes Alive in Cincinnati

I received a phone call last Friday morning from our local news station {WCPO} that went something like this:

Me: ::Piping icing on cupcakes:: How can I help you?
News: We received your name from several people who recommended you for a segment around the royal wedding. Are you interested? 
Me: Of course :::jumping up and down::: 
News: Great! We will shoot Monday at 11:00 a.m.
Me: Like Monday, Monday? The one that's 3 days away and one of those days is a holiday?
News: Yes, can you do it?
Me: Of course! I'll have everything ready to go Monday morning

:::::hangs up the phone:::: WHOA! 

So, I called my good friend Courtenay of Courtenay Lambert Florals and asked her if she was up for the challenge. And thankfully she was. From there Ileana of Sugar Realm jumped on board for the cake, Kristen of Poeme had amazing invitations, All Occasions stepped in and hooked us up with tons of linens and rentals, A Touch of Summer signed on the make us beautiful and Kortnee Kate turned a news story into a full fledged photo shoot. Whew!

But wait - we didn't have a location!! Step in, Amy Rubenstein, a realtor with sibcy cline, and she had the.most.perfect home for sale that we could shoot in. I would like to move to Moon Valley Lane now. 

And this is what we produced. In 3 days. Ah-maz-ing. 
{all photos by Kortnee Kate Photography}


 The segment is now on WCPO's website. Check out my 30 seconds of fame...many more photos and details to come!

Mad love to my ladies who made this happen. You are all rock-stars and I'd be honored to have you on my team for any wedding, at any time. Thank you. x infinity. 
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Linh said...

I. LOVE. THIS. Beautiful!!! I love the gold and blue combo and the floral centerpieces are a perfect touch to everything. Thank you SO much for sharing this!


Courtenay Lambert said...

Thanks for getting me involved usual, you are soooo fabulous to work with!!!


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