Royal Wedding Shoot Highlight: Sugar Realm

I thought I would highlight different sections of the Royal Wedding shoot we did yesterday. Where better to start than with the cake?

After all, wasn't it a royal that infamously said

Let Them Eat Cake!

When I received the phone call that the news was interested in doing a story about the royal wedding I started brainstorming about what would be compelling for the viewers. I knew I wanted to represent every aspect of a wedding, and to me, the wedding cake is one of the most important elements of the evening. 

Think about it, what are some of the pictures that you always take as a guest?
  • ceremony
  • grand entrance
  • cake set up
  • centerpieces
  • cake cutting
  • cake smashing {or the hopes of...}
Yes, the cake is important. So who did I immediately call when I realized I needed a cake? Ileana with Sugar Realm - Fine Bakery + Confectioners Design. But wait, I've never actually worked with her before....

So for one of the biggest opportunities TC has had to date, I turned to 


Meet Ileana! Gorgeous, huh?

If that doesn't speak to the trust and admiration I have for her work, I don't know what does. The only direction I gave her was that we were looking for an opulent cake that would work with a gold, ivory and sapphire color pallet. How perfect was this:

The design concept was a fashion inspired cake with sugar flowers and accents. Pulling from the world of Couture, Ileana added a glamerous element by incorporating rhinestones and detailed cameos. The rhinestones were added to reflect the light and sparkle under the amazing chandelier. 

The application of color with airbrushing techniques and edible luster powders added an unexpected dimensional element to the cake. While introducing the separators inbetween the tiers is a contemporary interpretation of traditional cake arrangement and creates sculptural volume while playing with the overall composition.

You can achieve a look similar to this by controlling the touches of high end components, such as, sugar gems,rhinestones, specialty ribbons and detailed custom sugar decorations,such as the sugar cameos and textured buttons. This cake as is serves 80. It would be around $1,000 including the rhinestones, delivery, set up and pedestal rental

Ileana challenges you to consider the dual role of the cake as sculptural centerpiece as much as a dessert.
Prime location of cake within the table layout that can be enjoyed thruought the party!

Ileana, thank you for bringing this together and all the work you put in to make the shoot successful. I am truly looking forward to working with you on a 'real' wedding. I'm confident TC clients will be as in awe of your work as I am. 

:::All photographs by Kortnee Kate Photography, flowers by Courtenay Lambert Florals,
shot on location at an available private home in Cincinnati:::
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Linh said...

This is SOOO pretty I wouldn't even want to eat it. It looks like something that should be preserved and framed. Love the hint of royal blue. Thanks for sharing!


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