Wedding Reception Transformed with Lighting

As I eluded to before, the space from our last wedding was completely transformed. Pictures speak louder than words so here you go. 

OK, OK so I didn't get a pic before it was all prettied up so imagine it without the kids from this internet picture. See it? Yup, it's a GYM

A run-of-the-mill church gym, complete with purple paint and basketball hoops. Uber-chic if I do say so myself ;) 

So how did they go from that to this:
  1. White Linens from L&H rentals
  2. Silver organza overlays
  3. White chair covers from Chair Covers of Cincinnati
  4. Beautiful centerpieces from Courtenay Lambert Florals {MOB bought the branches!}

OK great but it's just not there....


LIGHTING from Party Pleasers


Fixed with draping, also by Party Pleasers

Add some decorative touches.... 

And bam. Total transformation. That gym was no match for this wedding! What's your next challenge?

P.S. those blue glasses add just the right amount of color to the table. Purchased by the mother of the bride, it's little touches that make everything pop. 

P.S.S Said MOB has 430 of those blue glasses if your interested in renting them ;)
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alex o said...

That was perfect! I wonder how much money they invested to come up with that beautifully designed wedding theme. My friends (couple) will be getting married next month at the Long Island country club and I will share your blog post to them. Those pictures truly speak louder than words!


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