Winter Wonderland Wedding

{A.K.A Our Second (big fat) Greek Wedding}

Mrs. S came to me through Mrs. M {here, here and here} and we feel so blessed to get to work with the family again. Seriously, we love this family. They love loud and let you know exactly what they want and don't want, how couldn't you love that?

Our Vendors:
Church: St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
Hall: St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
Photog: Joe Biggs
Video: Jeff Harper
Draping and lighting: Party Pleasers
Centerpieces: Courtenay Lambert 
Catering: Hilvers 
Cake: Patricia's
Chair Covers: Chair Covers of Cincinnati

Here's some shots I took {with my fab new camera!}!
{aisle arrangements by the goom's mom!}

The reception

Courtenay's new mirror vases - amazing? Yes, yes they are.

I've said this before and I'll say it again - Greek weddings are my favorite. The amount of love and respect is inspiring. And the dancing. Oh my, the dancing. Love Love LOVE. Do you think they're having a good time??

{Hi Mrs. M! Gorgeous as usual}

And no Greek wedding is complete without a TON of desserts. Mrs. S did not disappoint. Yuuuuuum.

The families put a ton of work into the wedding, bringing us in to coordinate things for the last week. We're talking serious DIY-ing. See, you can do it, too!

Check back in the next couple days and see just how much the lighting changed this space. You'll be shocked! Trust me ;)
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