Maria & Angelo

Story time!! Settle in....

Once upon a time {about 2.5 years ago} my beautiful sister, Alesha, messed up a home hair dye job {actually she does that all the time. This time was just the latest..} and wandered into a salon to get it fixed. She was paired up with a petite, sassy little thing named Maria

Since we had become such great friends with our fabulous photographer, Kortnee, we were all hanging out one night and Kort shouted {she does that..} "Alesha! I Looooove your hair! Who does it?" She then recommended Maria who promptly rocked Kort's hair.

As soon as Maria got engaged she snagged Kort as her photographer and met me and Rick at Kortnee's booth at bridalrama. Maria called me and we set up a meeting to talk about her needs. We totally hit it off and we dove right into the planning. That was about a two years ago and I've been putting of this post because it means the wedding is over :( 

To say that Rick and I loved working with Maria & Angelo would be a complete understatement. I actually can't even put it into words. After working with Maria on every detail and talking to her at least once a week for 18 months, I truly miss our time together. I guess I should also mention that this was our first {but hopefully not last!!} greek wedding. And oh.my.goodness we loooooved it. The love and respect for family flows through every single detail and completely wraps around you. 

Meet our Dream Team:

Photog: Kortnee Kate {duh}
Venue: The Hyatt 
Videographer: Studio Z Films
Cake: the one-and only- Maribelle
Florist: Abbey's Florist  Super-fabulous with ah-maz-ing pricing
Hair: A Salon Named Desire {double duh}
Lighting: Goodwin 

Ok enough chatter - here's some of my {not so} fabulous shots. 

Meet Maria! To say that she loves bling is an understatement...

The beautiful Greek church

Meet Angelo, Rick's new best friend :)

Hello Gorgeous 

How great did the table numbers turn out? Designed by moi and cut by Rick

Ever wonder what 500 place cards look like? Something like this...

So in the end, Maria and Angelo had an amazing wedding, Angelo has a new friend and weekly visitor to the family business {Grammas pizza, not kidding - the best pizza in Cincy. Order it. Now}, Maria has several new clients {me, my mom, my mother in law, my sister in law, my best friend and of course, Alesha and Kort} and I had the perfect full planning experience. Not easy, but perfect because it was for a perfect couple. And we have so much love for them. Congratulations! Oh! And I have a new friend :) Bonus!

{wow that's corny but true - I promise!!} MUAH! 
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Fabulous story, beautiful couple and who wouldn't love you and Rick!


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