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Had to share the amazing pics that Sandra Reed posted on her blog today. I couldn't believe they were already posted when Laura told me! That was quicker than I could post my {not so} fabulous pics! I'll spare you the delight of seeing those and skip over to the professional ones ;)

It was our first time working with Sandra and her husband, Shad. We love a husband and wife team! And the images - omigoodness - there's a whole lot of fabulosity going on here. They did a slideshow during the reception with some of the day's shots and I couldn't stop watching! If your looking for a photog I definitely recommend checking them out! 

Meet our lineup of phenomenal vendors:
Church: Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption {seriously my favorite church. Beyond words...}
Reception: Manor House 
Photog: Sandra Reed - duh
Videographer: Dan with Lifetime
Transportation: Gallant Coach
Cake: Bonbonerie
Makeup: Heidi McKenna {mckenna@fuse.net}

Onto the Eye Candy...

Brian, Laura & Mary Jo - you guys are so kind and have such warm hearts. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Lots of love!!
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