Courtenay Lambert Florals - bringin' back Emerald Green...

Rick and I have been blessed to work with some of the greatest people in the area. Cincinnati may not be a huge city but we have some of the most talented vendors around. One of those peeps is Courtenay Lambert Florals, if you read this blog regularly then you probably noticed that we work with Courtenay a lot {she even has her own link there on the right} and you've seen just how talented she is.

Yesterday I was at her shop working on an upcoming event and we went into her work room. There, in her cooler, I saw the most beautiful bouquet and when she pulled it out of the cooler I literally gasped in delight when I saw the stem. Now, it's standard practice to wrap the stems, but there was something about how she wrapped this one that I just loved. Being the doll that she is, Court told me to take the bouquet home to enjoy and I told her 'no! you have to take some shots of that stem!'. Long story long, I ended up taking it home before she could take any pictures and as soon as I got home I braved the cold to try and get some decent shots for her.

And here we are, my shots taken on a cold freezing evening in my backyard. Seriously, I don't know how photographers do it. My hands were ice within 10 minutes! It was awful!

Isn't it gorgeous?! And remember, it's over a week old! It's a mix of Baronesse garden roses and pink Majolika spray roses. Don't they look like peonies?! Another cool thing Court does is actually sell those broaches. They run around $45.00 and up depending on the designer. I just love a one-stop shop!

OK but the real reason I wanted to show you this is because of the stunning stem wrap {I think I just made that the official name for it...}. I love the layered ribbon and the style of the 'bow'. And the emerald green color? To-Die-For. Seriously, look at how it pops off the flowers. Love Love Love.

Court says she is "single handedly bringing emerald green back". I'm totally on board!!

TC brides - how about a little emerald green on your bouquet this year?? :) 
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Courtenay Lambert said...

Gorgeous shots girl! And yes, I'm bringing the emerald green back with a vengeance. You can pair it with anything!


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