Cake? Pops? Wedding Cake Pops!

Almost 4 years ago I stumbled on the then unknown blog of Bakerella. There I saw the adorable cake pops shown below. To the delight of my husband and friends I starting making my own. I made them for any occasion or non-occasion I could think of. They were kind of 'my thing'. {confession - mine never look this good. Duh}

At the time we had the most fabulous clients, Cindy and Brent. At a meeting one day I brought Cindy a cake ball {not 'pop' because there was no stick!} and said wouldn't these be fabulous at your wedding?? Cindy jumped on board and we found a baker that would make them for us. So at Cindy's 9.6.08 wedding we had cake pops wrapped up and placed at every guests' seat. 

Now, pop on over to google and search 'cake pop wedding' - wowza! Who would have thought they would become this popular? 

So how do you take it one step farther? Hellooooooo a cake ball CAKE! What? YES! You read that correctly. And now let's see an example...

 OMG! For realsies? Love it. All cakes shown are by Austin Cake Ball - and they're not the only cake ball bakeries. There's a ton all over the country. Man when I remember how that baker looked at me three years ago, she thought I was nuts! Now I hear they sell them in the shop! I think I should get a cut of every ball sold. Who wants to back me up on that??

So thanks, Bakerella, for pushing us to think outside the cake box. and seriously, make them. They're ah-maz-inggggg {simple but time consuming! My favorite combo is strawberry cake, cherry icing and milk chocolate. Bonus if you put chopped up oreos in the batter!}

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Cindy said...

Who woulda thought that we started a trend?! i can still taste those cake pops...delish!
had we been insightful enough to think of a cake pop cake, that would have been at my wedding! :)


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