Cincinnati Photobooth - Live Click!

We all know that photobooths are crazy fun and everyone loves them but have you heard of Cincinnati's own Live Click?? We've done a lot of photobooths and I've never seen a photobooth packed as much as this was. I shouldn't say photo 'booth' because there is no booth. What's super cool about this is there's a backdrop with a REAL PHOTOGRAPHER and a REAL SLR CAMERA, your images are professional quality and the best part? Wait for it....wait for it....

 You can PRINT, TEXT, and EMAIL images right at your event!!! Sa-weet! Guest have IMMEDIATE access to the pictures at the wedding. Helloooo facebook!

If that didn't get your attention maybe some images will. Or how about a video{Since I'm apparently computer-illiterate I can't plug the video right into this post so just click the link and it will take you there!}

+ A {REAL PHOTOGRAPHER and CAMERA} means colorful and properly exposed photos 
+ {MULTI-PRINTING} means everyone in the photo gets a copy!
+ Get {BIGGER PRINTS} at 4x6's, or (of course) the olde 2x6 filmstrips as well!
+ Guests recieve their prints through {TEXT and EMAIL} too!
+ Our {LARGER BOOTHS} fit the WHOLE FAMILY! Up to 15 people!
+ {UNLIMITED} prints and sessions
+ Photos are all uploaded to a private {ONLINE GALLERY}
+ {DIGITAL or HANDMADE} scrapbooks

Packages start at $1295.00
So remember Live Click when you're looking to add a little something extra to your event :)  And no, they didn't sponsor this post! I'm just super excited because I've done it and it was fun! And no, I'm not going to post those pics... hehe
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