R+M - Inspire Me! {Mark Garber style}

See I told you I would see you today! I'm working on getting back in your good graces ;)

I have so many moments about weddings that I love {fluffing the dress right as she walks down the aisle, seeing the bride and groom sing to each other during their first dance, etc} but my favorite is finally getting to see how everything comes together. It's like pulling a page right from my head and seeing it materialized. Ryan's wedding was one that we had so many unique ideas that I know it was hard for her to envision how everything would come together. Courtenay and I talked about it for weeks leading up to the day {"I can't wait for Ryan's wedding! It's going to be soooooo fabulous"} and I think we were both pleased with the end product. ok ok, I'm being modest - we loooooooved it! I mean, I know I did! ;)

SO! how did it all come together? I think Mark shows it best in his Inspire Me! board. Mark, I could have have put it together any better - thank you for taking the time to put the elements in one place. I think your clients will love this new feature!

OK enough chit you go!

{lounge furniture and LED bar from Accent on Cincinnati - thanks Chris!}

Whatcha think? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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