I knooooooow.....insert every excuse in the book for the lack of blogging. I swear it's because we've been super slammed in our professional and personal lives. And I PROMISE I have some fabulous posts coming up for you all. I know, I have a lot of making up to do.......

So how about we start off with some teasers from R &M's wedding from Memorial weekend. And Oh-Mi-Goodness let me tell you, it was it amazing. I had the pleasure of working with my lovely and uber-talented friend, Courtenay Lambert and she ROCKED it out. I knew she would be able to deliver on Ryan's modern and funky vision and boy did she.

Meet the rest of our team:
Mark Garber - helloooo greatness. Rick and I so love working with them!
Goodwin Lighting
European Bridal
Classic Confection Cakes
Elite Catering
Prime Time Party Rental
Party Pleasers DJ

Accent on Cincinnati
Carillon Park

Mark and Jennifer did such a great job capturing the emotion of the day. Thanks for posting these! 

{I'm such a sucker for headless brides and grooms in black and white. No seriously, I am. I always love these shots! What do you think that says about me???}

How about a little teaser for you? Yes,  I think that would be great. I took this picture on my in-laws dinosaur of a camera {But major thanks since I left mine at home! This was not the wedding to forget a camera! Duh!}

Seriously Courtenay?! Looooove it!!!

Check back tomorrow for a details board that is sure to make you gasp. I know I did when I saw it! Then  I realized it was from our wedding! Yay - gotta love that! See you soon!
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