oh la la...mais oui!

Who doesn't get inspired by Chanel? Apparently the love have been popping up in the wedding world as several fabulous gurus have turned to it for inspiration {remember this post?}. I stumbled on this photo shoot today via one of my favorites, Sweet and Saucy. Check out what happens with Jasmine Star, In the Now Weddings and Heavenly Blooms get together. See all the eye candy at Style Me Pretty. Love love love.

C'est Parfait! {I guess I equate Chanel with French. huh, works for me!}

P.S. anyone know how to remove that darn line around the pictures? Or how to put 2 on one line? Annoying.

edit: wahoooo I did it!! Now does anyone know how to center my header again?! ACK!
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