TC Wedding: J+P

I may be a little late posting this BUT here we are :) S+P was another fabulous wedding! What really struck me with this one was just how much lighting can change a space.

Case in point - here's a shot from a wedding we did at the Cincinnati Club in 2009:

And here's two from J+P's:

Yes, I know they are not great but you can get the idea. J's motif was purple paisley and the purple uplights on the drapes totally made the entire space come together. Many thanks to Party Pleasers for providing such great ambiance.

Here's some other shots from the day. I'm waiting {not so} patiently for the uber-fabulous Tine Hoffman to send over some of her pictures. And you know that those will be ah-maz-ing!

I really wish I would have gotten a better pic of the monograms from wedding grafitti. This one is on the marble floor in front of the reception room. We also had them on the doors of the Cincinnati Club and on the landing on the steps. If you want something that everyone will talk about - order one. Seriously, everyone said something when they walked in the room. It's the little details guys!!

Yummy cake from Busken Bakery

Beautiful florals from Courtenay Lambert Florals 

Hopefully I'll get some non-grainy pics from Tine here soon so I can properly show this wedding off! My camera just doesn't cut it! Congratulations J+P - we have a great time and are so honored to have been a part of your wedding day! Much love! 
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Angela Cappetta said...

Gorgeous event. Well done!


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