Where do you get your inspiration? It's such a common question that can yield such uncommon responses. For me, I find a lot of inspiration just from talking with people. I love to hear their stories and what makes them..them. I'm also a blog jumper {I need help with this addiction - you can see some of my fave blogs here} and go to a lot of hostess sites.

But nothing inspires me more than walking into a home decor store. I walk into Pottery Barn and swooooon. Think about it - they basically have multiple revolving tablescapes set up in their stores. Now take a look at your inspiration folder and tell me how many pictures are of tables and table decor...I'm betting a lot. So take a moment and think outside the box, step into home goods and browse their vases - do any of the colors or shapes jump out at you? Or a fabric store - oh the surprises there. And don't even get me started on Ikea....okok get me started! After a millisecond google "ikea wedding" search I pulled up this:

Helloooo future centerpiece at one of my dinner parties. Even better - here's how they put it together. {ps - I'm pretty sure I've seen this picture all over wedding blogs. Lovin it}

Here's some fab pics from some home decor sites:

 {House Beautiful
{pottery barn}

PPS - totally check  out the ikea haker blog - it's added to my reader.
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