Tent Me!

Can't you just imagine your ceremony in here......

How freakin' fabulous is that tent?? Meet  Boutique TentsHow amazing would it be to have one of these as a cocktail lounge for your guests?  {big oversized couches, tons of fab pillows with cocktail in hand} Or you could even turn it into a dessert bar room! Love it!

Here's a little more information from their site: "We like to think of our tents outside of the box. They are, of course, a perfect and useful addition poolside and can shelter an outdoor seating area or al fresco dining. But our tents can be indoor elements as well. With a normal peak height of 9 feet, these tents can be set up in any indoor space where the ceilings can accommodate. They are freestanding and when set up indoors, there is no need to stake. These tents can be used to create intimate little pavilions in which to hang out at parties and events. The frame and covers allow for hanging a center chandelier, either votive lit or electrical, so the mood is set! They can also be positioned over a bar or food station area, or any place that you want to emphasize with an ‘architectural’ element. These tents have often been used to create a sense of human scale and intimacy in a very large space by defining smaller areas within that larger volume. No matter how they are used, these tents are guaranteed to be the talk of any gathering and the destination of choice for partygoers!"
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