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I don't normally do posts about holidays but I happened apon a great combination - a new blog that I'm lovin and a little easter eye candy. I said the other day how I've been drawn to party blogs over wedding blogs lately and Six Chicks Designs is a perfect example why. You can easliy see how elements from these parties can translate into a wedding without be 'wedding-ing-ing' {yep made that up}.

For example - you can easily see how images from their Spa Party can be interpreted for a wedding: hello simple candle centerpieces. It's also easy to see how the pattern from the blue and white plate ties in and brings a contemporary pop to the table. This can be done in your menu cards or table numbers. You could even find a fabric that echoes the design and either use it as a runner or make really inexpensive - but impactful - napkins. No one expects a pattern napkin. Hello murmurs of 'oh that's so creative' or 'well look at that' at your wedding.

For a really easy translation check out their Dinner Among Friends set up:

Oh and so I tie this back into Easter, here's the easter inspiration:

         Happy {early}Easter!
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