Now that I have your attention settle in for a long post about L+S. That's L above with her perfectly styled bridemaids. Hello Fabulous. 

That about sums this wedding up - fab-u-lous!! In fact I think that's all I need to say - I'll let my {not so} fab pics speak for themselves. CANNOT wait to see the professional shots. Yep I'm blog-stalking them. Stay tuned....

You know that deal - first let's meet the amazing team of uber-talented vendors.

Venue - Dayton Art Institute {insert gushing words of love}
Photographer - Brandy J (wow wow wow wow)
DJ - McFadden Music {Dave}
Lighting - Goodwin

OK here are the bajillion pictures!

L's GORGEOUS bouquet!

Ceremony Setup

Rick's *perfectly* symmetrical escort card table

Court did about 5 different centerpieces which make the room soo interesting - kept the eye moving and you
 got a little surprise every time as you saw each new table. Love it!

 which was coiled down the cylinder. Very unique and modern. 

and another of her bouquet for good measure. Ah-mazing job Court!
Whew - you made it! Thanks for checking out L+S's stunning pics! I'll share more from Brandy when we get them! Lots of love :)
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Courtenay Lambert said...

Love it!!!! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see the pro pics too! Court


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