Meet the Vendors: Amanda Donaho Photography

It's that time again!! Things are slowing down and I think it's a great time to meet some fabulous Cincy vendors. First up - Amanda Donaho Photography. Funny story about how I found her - I was blog jumping and somehow landed on her page. And I was blown away. I really like her perspective and her couples obviously enjoy being with her. What more could you want in a photog?! 

Meet the Vendor Questions: 

Name:   Amanda Donaho 

Location:   Cincinnati, OH (...okay, so I'm actually in Hebron, KY)

Company Name:  Amanda Donaho Photography 

Type of Vendor:    Wedding Photography

Number of Years in Business:    Working on 2!

How did you get started in the wedding industry?    Before moving back to my hometown of Cincinnati last year, I was in Oklahoma for about 5 years.  It was there that I became connected with a wedding photographer who was kind enough to allow me to intern with him.  I spent many morning before my "day job" (at the time) drinking coffee & learning everything I could from him.  I went on after that to work for another wedding photography company there in Oklahoma before I started up on my own.

How did you pick your company name?   While "Amanda Donaho Photography" may seem like I had no other good name options, there's a good reason behind it.  :)   As an artist, I'm really selling "myself" - an experience and my eye for photography more than a print on a piece of paper, so I decided my name fit best! 

If you had to start over what one thing would you do differently?    Good question!  I can think of a few things, but the main thing that jumps out to me is RELAX & be confident!  I remember being SO stressed my first few weddings & not allowing myself to slip into my creative mindset. 

What is your company philosophy?    "I'm not just a wedding photographer."    In order to achieve great results in the style of photography that I do, it's KEY to not just be the couples photographer, but also their friend.  If they're not relaxed with me, then I can not expect them to loosen up in front of my lens to the amount that I need them to get my style of shots.  I honestly LOVE my clients, really do become friends with them, and do everything I can to go above & beyond their expectations.   (I also say I'm not just a wedding photographer because I often end up doing random other things the day of the wedding.... I once set up all the chairs for the entire wedding day, another time went to pick up the flowers because someone forgot to, I've even helped the bride get dressed!)

What's one thing you want clients/vendors to know most about your services?   I am passionate about what I do, I work my tail off doing it, and am convinced I have the best job in the planet.  I make brides cry.  Good tears.  Really, what's better than that?!

Do you have any hidden talents or favorite hobbies?   Currently, my hobbies include potty training my 2.5 year old son and drinking insane amounts of coffee.  When I'm not stuck in my house up to my eyeballs in pull-ups and wet wipes, I love to relax with my husband (especially when sushi & wine are involved!) and watch chick flicks (Did I mention I still cry at EVERY wedding I shoot?  I'm such a sap.) 

What are your three favorite blogs? (an amazing photographer & writer, with a heart of gold), (great tips for all things motherhood) and (formerly "Vintage Glam Bride"... inspiration galore!)

Here is just a sampling of her beautiful work. Check out more and follow her on her blog!

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