E+C's wedding was fantastic for so many reasons...for the sake of writting 5 paragraphs about why here's just a few:
  • E is our first 'repeat' client. No, no she didn't get remarried sillies - she was a bridesmaid in Megan's wedding last year. So that made it crazy fun because A. we already knew her and B. we got to work with Megan again! Rick and I couldn't stop taking care of her and Justin - guess once your a TC couple your always a TC couple :)
  • It was a Halloween wedding without being a Halloween Wedding. E did a great job incorperating fall with little hints of halloween. Fabulous job.
  • It was at the Bell Event Centre. Always a fav!
  • E was/is a kick-!&@ girl. Question - if your goal is to be a lawyer and you graduate law school what's the next step? The bar, right! And E found out the day of the wedding if she passed or not. Thankfully she passed and we didn't have to self-medicate her all day. Can you imagine?? Ey yi yi...
  • and finally becuase they are just fun to be around. It's such a blessing to do something that even when your working your butt off it doesn't feel like work. E+C were so fun that it didn't matter that we only had 3 hours to get the room set and had to break in some assistants...{thanks guys!}

Alright enough of my blabbering. On to the real reason you checked the blog {not to 'hear'/read me go on and on....}

First meet our lovely vendors:
Venue - BEC baby! Loooooove that place!
DJ - Mark McFadden
Cake - Incredible Endings
Flowers - Nature Nook {SO fab!}
Photog - Bambino {Stacey}

And now on to my {not so} fab shots! Hopefully Stacey will have some shots soon so you can appreciate how beautiful everything was. My camera doesn't do it justice at all.

{How freakin fabulous is this cake? Love it!!}

"DIT-K" centerpieces {Did it themselves and Kristen set up. hehe}
{pumpkin placecards}

{sweetheart table - unique and sweet}

{The beauty of BEC...}

{I had to include this one - this was during the toasts and all their friends lined up across from them. I thought it was really sweet and showed how loved they are}

{Nature nook!}

Mad crazy-love E+C!!! Next time I'm in C-bus I'm taking you up on that shopping offer!!!

{p.s. I'm having some e-mail issues so if you sent me a message and its been more than 2 days with no reply please re-send!! Sorry for the inconvienance - cross your fingers it will be fixed soon!}

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Amanda Donaho Photography said...

Just Gorgeous! I'm in LOVE with that cake!

(PS, I emailed back, but I know your email has been acting funky, so let me know if I should sent it somewhere else!) :)


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