Wedding Trend: Balloons!

Yes you read that right..Balloons! They are {THE} next big thing in wedding decor. Love them or not they do guarantee at least 3 things:

1. Budget savings
2. Guest Reactions and
3. Interactive decor {who can resist batting a balloon?! I know I can't!}

Before you freak out and never visit the Tres Chic Bride again allow me to present some evidence:

A fab dessert set up by the uber-talented Amy Atlas {future post to come but until then you must check out her site. Dee-vine!}

A balloon canopy from smart bride blog

I love this idea for the send off!

This would be the resulting picture from the send off - love!

Just a little eye candy

A lovely balloon canopy {and the above e-pics} via A Cup of Jo

I could totally see this at a country club as you look out the window! A little pop of color and an unexpected detail!

SO did I convince you? Balloons are totally it this season! Let me hear your thoughts! {I'm lonely here in blogland by myself...}

To see more definitely check out this post on snippet and ink - fantastic!!

{p.s. anyone remember the beginning of sex in the city (show, not movie)? Yep the style-maven Carrie Bradshaw holds a single balloon. So ahead of the trend...}
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Christine said...

Hi! It's been awhile and I'll admit to blog stalking but wanted to comment so you don't feel so alone :).

I'm mixed on this whole balloon first I cringed at the idea but some of the ideas are kind of cute (fave = balloons making the canopy sheet look like it's floating). The balloon send off though - ABSOLUTELY AGAINST IT. Everytime I see balloons floating in the air I think about all the animals it will kill/harm :(. IMHO, harm to wildlife is not cool no matter how trendy.

Anyway, carry on on bringing fresh ideas. Despite being done with the whole wedding thing I still love seeing the latest and greatest in the wedding world. And, I secretly envy your job!

Kristen said...

Thanks for your comments, Christine!! You make a totally valid point about the send off. Maybe there's some environmentally friendly balloon out there!

Thanks for keeping me company :) I appreciate it!

Brynn Andre said...

Thanks for pointing out the balloon canopy on my blog! I love your site, and will be checking back often!!

KelliOClare said...

Hi, I just happened upon your blog post, because I love the idea of balloons at my wedding! Right now I'm trying to incorporate them into my decor.

I wanted to mention, yes, if an animal eats the popped balloons they may be harmed, but natural latex balloons are 100% biodegradable and will break down like compost. : ) So don't worry, they're environmentally friendly!!

Simply Natural Events said...

I have to say you may have changed my mind. I really only like balloons at kids parties, but funny enough I'm using tons of balloons at a 50th surprise party next weekend. I'll let you know how that goes.


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