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You all know that I always like to have a little 'extra' at each event - something that makes each reception memorable and personal. As I was thinking about this today I thought that an easy way to do this is through something we all love and need - Food! We know that our memories are strongly triggered by sight, taste and smell so it only makes sense that using some of your favorite foods would lend a special touch that's uniquely you. To take it a step further set up several food stations around the room - this not only feeds the guests (a necessity) but also gives your guests something to do (something they'll appreciate!).

Here's some examples of food stations that I would love as a guest at an event:

Pasta Bar--A variety of pastas, both cold and hot. Go one step further and have a chef on hand to cook made-to-order pasta dishes.

Perogie Bar--offer a variety of perogies stuffed with mashed potatoes, potato and cheddar or feta with great toppings like bacon bits, diced onions, sour cream and chives.

Asian Cuisine--dim sum station, spring rolls, pan-fried dumplings, chicken or beef satay and different rice and noodle dishes.

Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese Station--offer grandma's secret recipe mac-n-cheese along with the more haute mac: caramelized sweet potato macaroni and cheese, cornbread-topped apple macaroni and cheese or 5-cheese macaroni and cheese. Offer the same tasty toppings as the perogie bar. Print the recipes on cocktail napkins for another layer of personalization

Seafood Bar--Expensive but delicious: oysters, jumbo shrimp cocktail, sushi rolls, smoked salmon and crab salad.

How about Mexican cuisine, Mediterranean Station, Soup Bar, Expresso Bar or an Ice Cream Bar? As I always say, the possibilities are endless.

My favorite? Anything at the end of the night to help soak up all that alcohol - Gold Star or Skyline, coffee and Donuts, milk and get the point :)

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