Carrie & Ryan

Ceremony: St. Cecilia 
Reception: Cincinnati Club - Harrison Room
Photographer: Bluebird Photography
Makeup Artist: Brideface 

I truly adore all of our TC couples. We have been extremely fortunate to have worked with very sweet, loving and kind people, most importantly, they have all been focused on the fact that their wedding is about the union of marriage - not just a big party. Carrie and Ryan might have been the cutest couple to date. Ryan is goofy yet focused and Carrie is super intelligent and so in love with Ryan. They look at each other with such a look of love and balance each other to perfection. It's such an honor to be able to witness couples like that - to be invited to share in their day. Makes me smile :) 

Fabulous vendors with this wedding - St. Cecilia Parish is one of my favorite churches (although there will be no more lining the aisle with anything) and I totally heart Cincinnati Club - they are fabulous. April with Bluebird is an amazing photog - she is creative and so relaxed, something that definitely comes in handy on a crazy day. I pulled the above pics from her  blog so jump over there and see them in all their glory. This was the first wedding we've gotten to work with Katie Elfers and we were super impressed. I didn't get a lot of my own pictures (and what I did get isn't very good!) but what I did get is below. I loved the centerpieces from this wedding - Katie totally captured Carrie's vision of a winter wedding. Its was gorgeous! We have another event with Katie in March that is going to be uber-fabulous (hi Heather!) and we're so excited about it! I promise to take more pics!

Ok onto the {not so}fab pics!

The cake was yummy! Super moist and tasty. 

I know it looks bare in these photos - this is from the morning set up - but once the tables were set it looked amazing. The room was cozy and inviting but elegant at the same time. 

Funny story time - we had to slip in an extra seat for the priest and we didn't have a chair cover. We called the company several times but never got a call back {bad for business} so Rick dove into the emergency kit and fashioned a fab chair cover out of a Cincy Club linen. Couldn't even tell. He's the best :)

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Caroline said...

Yeah, sorry about that! It was not a good night for the Ellspermann men and glassware. Also, I have never laughed so much at a wedding ceremony... interesting that it was mine. :)

You guys were fab! An official thanks is on it's way.

the mrs. said...

Rick rocks! Is there anything that guy can't do!!


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