In My Humble Opinion....

I get this question a lot: "Do I really need to hire a makeup artist? Can't I do it myself or {gasp} just go to the mall makeup counter?"

Well absolutely you can! (like I'm going to tell you that you can't do something...) But in my professional opinion - I do not recommend it. Period.

The fact is, you have spent months planning this event down to the very last detail. Why wouldn't you give yourself the same treatment you've given everything else? Not only do makeup artists understand how different colors and techniques will look best on you but they also know how lighting and shadows will how appear in your photographs. This alone should be enough to hire a professional! These are your memories we're talking about - not a thing to skimp on :)

We're really lucky here in Cincinnati to have some fabulous makeup artists available for house calls - definitely check out Nancy with Brideface and Heidi McKenna {}, these 2 ladies are fabulous!

You are the bride, the star of the day! Treat yourself as such. And I mean really, when else will you be able to have your own beauty crew?!

{If your so inclined - here's a great article about makeup and lighting}
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Cindy said...

I'll second that!
From a photographer's view point I always can tell a big difference in the photographs of my clients who have pro makeup done and those who do not. It is definitely time and money well spent!


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