But they only go on your lap....(napkins people! geez)

Ok I have another addiction to confess to you guys. {{deep breath}} or rather, I hate 'typical' napkin folds. You all know what I mean...the fan or the one that's stuck in your water goblet. Yep, hate them. So if you haven't sat down for a final meeting with me and your venue prepare yourself now. I will ask about coffee cups (also hate them on tables) and napkin folds.

Place settings are so important to finishing the look of your table. It brings the whole look and feel of your wedding full circle and gets a little 'wow' when each of your guests take their seats. It can range from expensive to chicly cheap, easy to hard, pain in my butt or your venues. Yet absolutely worth it. Go ahead and check some of the details shots of weddings you put in your wedding folder or planner. Go ahead, I'll wait......OK so how many of you have a details of tablescapes? How many of you didn't realize you were drawn to the image through the detailed folded napkin?! (yes there's probably some chargers in those images too...I fell victim myself, I had to have square plates at each setting with my napkin placed in the middle with our notes. But that's a whole other post.) I digress....

Check out the pics below and tell me what speaks to you. Still think the napkin isn't something to think about?

My two classic favorites:

(Imagine the menu tucked in )

Matching favors at each seat - great way to add a pop of color

The two above may just be my new favorites. I know it looks expensive but really all you need is a center 'pinch' (I don't know what else to call it) and a lot of patience! Major drama!

Again, super easy - just get some wire and sting the pearls on the end. Patience is the key. Be aware, your venue may gawk at your request. However they should be willing to do it since the have to set the napkins anyway.

"Traditional" (according to who?!) and the "Peacock"

Place card holder (I love function and form!)

So in conclusion: Notice what a difference just the fold of the napkin makes...from square with a pocket to a flat rectangle or gathered together with a bow, it's all about the subtle changes you can make to your tabletop.

Oh and the fun doesn't stop at weddings! How adorable is this one for a baby shower?
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Heather said...

ooooh - pretty!

I was originally thinking of just doing the first one (with the menu of course) - I actually have it in my bio somewhere.

But now you've got me thinking about other options. you think the center pinch ones would look right with my setup?


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