We're Baaackkk!

Hellooo! Well we've been back for a week and have been welcomed home with several days of snow - how appropriate! From the Jamaican sun to the Cincinnati Snow...gotta love that. 

I promise to get back to the wedding world asap but I wanted to share a few pictures from our amazing trip. I 150% recommend it as your honeymoon destination! We stayed at the Grand Palladium - you an get a great price on Cheap Caribbean. Oh how I miss it.....

Our resort boasts the largest pool in Jamaica - the pic above is overlooking the infinity pool into the ocean.

The two photos above are the views from our villa. Breath-taking, huh?

More pool shots....there were also 4 other pools on the property that we didn't go to!

My version of the perfect postcard!
Yep, engagements and weddings follow me even on my vacation! Meet Melissa and Chris - we met them in the airport and became quick friends. Chris proposed the first night we were there - how romantic, huh?! This isn't an actual shot of the proposal but since none of there families were there we did an impromptu photo session. Wish we were in Chicago to help you two! 

Outside our Villa

Our bedroom

The obligatory 'pic taken by us because no one else is there shot' (we have lots of these...)

We celebrated my Bday while we were cute is this?

Happy Birthday to me!! Along with my fabulous new boots (see post below) my amazing husband greeted me with these beauties. mmmm.....

Back in the Natti! We celebrated in style with TC bride CC - I love my job!

To top off our vacation/birthday week the Bengals pulled off a win! So what if it's only the 2nd one this season?! True fans never waver :) 
{{Meet Bo, Rick's best friend since junior high}}

So that wraps it up for me! I'll get back to weddings soon - hope I didn't bore you too much! 

Happy Holidays!

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