Liz & Diggs

Hello Blogland! Rick and I just returned from the wonderful wedding of Liz and Diggs. I have had an absolutely fabulous time working with Liz, she's got to be one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. We are so blessed to be able to work with such great people - I love this job!

Meet our beautiful bride, Liz. Isn't her dress to die for?!
Date: Saturday, December 27, 2008
Ceremony: St. Francis DeSalles 
Reception: The Phoenix
Photography: Pictures by Tracy
Flowers: Courtenay Lambert

*I'm going to warn you guys - be prepared for tons of photos of flowers from my point and shoot to follow!*

Liz was trusting enough that she allowed me and Courtenay (ok mostly Courtenay - aka CL) creative control with the floral decor. Liz showed CL several pictures of the flowers she liked and then basically said 'make it happen'. I love that!! So we went with 3 different centerpieces:

1. Tall vases dripping with crystals (mmm....)

2. Shorter vases with a monogram wrap

3. A collection of the blum boxes holding the bridesmaids' bouquets (awful pic, sorry)

The wedding party flowers were STUNNING. I went a little crazy with the camera...check out the blume box decor - yep, dropped crystals

As a surprise for Liz and Diggs, Courtenay and I put together a cotton candy bar. It was a perfect accent to an already beautiful event. And the guests loved it!

Specialty lighting by Goodwin Lighting. I always recommend lighting - nothing can transform a room like some pin lights and color wash. I beg you, leave room in your budget for it! 

Cake by the ever-amazing Mariabelle Cakery! Doesn't get better then that people! So worth it.

Diggs and Liz - you guys are ah-maz-ing. Mad love to you both!!

Ok so this wedding was perfect except one minor car was broken into during the ceremony! What is that?! They bashed the passenger window in and ran off with my purse. I mean really?! But the show must go on so Rick hung back to deal with the police and getting our other car dropped off while we went ahead with pictures and kicking off the reception. No car, no purse? Not a problem for us - we'll make it happen!! Maybe that should be our new slogan.....haha duh! Thanks to our great vendors (shout out to Kathy at The Phoenix) for helping us stay on track!) 

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Courtenay Lambert said...

Hey there! I'm so glad everything went well, and so sorry about your car/purse. That is such a bummer! As usual, you were a pleasure to work with...I had so much fun!


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