Feeling Fallish: Fall Wedding (in the spring....)

Pumpkins in the spring? No sillies, this is from October! But hey - this is Cincinnati, anything is possible here!

I really wanted to share these images because I think M+C nailed their fall wedding decor. M is super crafty and pretty much made everything you see here - I love all the details!

Vendor Crew

Photography: No 9 Images

The Ceremony

How stunning is this view?! It was just gorgeous. What you can't tell is that the wind was blowing like crazy! It was so windy that we had to 'glue' the unity candle down! Reason #300 to have at least a DOC - we'll make sure your decor is secure :)

{it's details like these that 'make' a wedding}

Cocktail Hour

Rick now calls himself the 'wedding ninja' from this wedding. Those "Welcome" pumpkins (first picture)needed to be moved from the ceremony site to the reception entrance (above picture) before the guests walked in. In order for that to happen they needed to be moved during the actual ceremony! So Rick crept a golf cart up and loaded it down to quickly and quietly move everything. Seriously, he's still calling himself a ninja....

The country club has these gorgeous bookshelves when you first walk in. We loaded them down with candles, pumpkins and pictures of the bride and groom. It totally made it feel like home.

We even hung this picture over the fireplace!

The quintessential fall item - the pumpkin escort cards!

The Reception:

Let's talk about that stunning view again...


The Cake!

{How stunning are those flowers??!}

The Candy Bar

And after...

*Tip* Guests - please don't attack the candy bar until the reception has started and the photography has gotten pictures! Also, never load up during the special moments (first dance, toasts, etc) - it's just rude!

Thanks for sticking around and experiencing the fall in the spring :)
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