Meet the Vendors: Poeme Stationary, Cincinnati

We'll combine two features for today's post, our existing 'Meet the Vendors' and our obsession with all things Royal Wedding.

Meet Kristen Folzenlogen with Poeme, stationary designer extraordinaire.

I've had the write up of today's feature for..oh, almost a year now, but they're so busy that we didn't have any high-res pictures of the paper goods!

Step in royal wedding shoot - Kristen had the most.perfect.invitations already printed. Heavy paper? Check! Gold Edging? Check! Engraved? CHECK!

Check it out:

Kristen was so kind to let me borrow this gorgeous invites for the last minute shoot. And a week later I came to her with yet another stationary emergency ---- re-design and print an entire new invitation suite for a July wedding. And let me tell you, she ROCKED it out. I am so thankful for her and her amazing talent.

Sooo...Kristen, I hope it's ok, I dug into my client photos and pulled your work from the weddings we worked on in the past. Oh and I grabbed the tattoo one from your blog. Keep reading to see those!!

Let's get on with it!

Name:  Kristen Folzenlogen 

Location:   3446 Michigan Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208 and available for consultations by appointment at The Bridal Studio in MainStrasse, 610 Main Street, Covington, Kentucky 41011

Company Name:  Poeme

Type of Vendor: Stationery and Wedding Invitations

Number of Years in Business: 10    

How did you get started in the wedding industry? Actually, by chance. I was working at a corporate communications company in Chicago and one of our clients happened to be getting married. I ended up designing her wedding invitations and that single job generated good word of mouth and referrals and I had to quit my full time job roughly 8 months later to accommodate the amount of wedding invitations I was designing. 

How did you pick your company name? The original name of our company was Letter Heads, Ltd., however three years ago we were approached by a friendly competitor to purchase her stationery boutique in Hyde Park. It was a natural transition for us as far as the services and products we were offering, but because Poeme was a more recognizable brand, we decided to transition the name to encompass all of our services, including the custom design.

If you had to start over what one thing would you do differently? Nothing. I feel very fortunate that we have grown gracefully and gradually. Sure, I could look back and say "I wish I had written a business plan" but perhaps if I had taken the time to do that, then I would not have had the opportunity to meet and work with many of my early clients... I have learned so much, and still do, from each of my clients that the best way to continue to move forward is to hopefully keep doing what we've been doing! 

What is your company philosophy? Listen, listen, listen. Really hear what our clients are saying. Really understand what our colleagues expect from us. Really digest how to become a better representative of the products and services we offer... The thing is with weddings, is that they are very, very personal - so there are two ways a relationship can go... the way we perceive it should, or the way the other person perceives it. If we can meet other's expectations, then we can continue to grow and change and offer innovative designs and products. If we simply offer services and products that are our tastes and cater to our inclinations, we will only stagnate and bore/alienate the people with whom I work. 

What's one thing you want clients/vendors to know most about your services?  Quite simply - that we are exactly that - a service, not a product. With regards to wedding stationery there is so much more to it than paper and ink. There is etiquette, and tradition, and courtesy and a whole slew of other elements that affect and will be affected by the wedding stationery... it is our job to show a couple beautiful materials and designs, but it is even more important for us to be able to explain how it can affect their guests, their day and the entire planning process. And most importantly, the entire process should be interesting and fun.

Do you have any hidden talents or favorite hobbies? I use to be a professional dancer/choreographer. I have run one full marathon and four half marathons. If I had more time I think I would like to become a much better seamstress. It I had more time I would like to have more hobbies ;)

What are your three favorite blogs?  I spend so much time on my computer, I really don't do a lot of surfing outside of work. When I have the chance I do like to visit design*sponge, and I enjoy Made By Girl, Young House Love, and How About Orange. Oh, and of course... - it's in it's infant stages (like I said, I'd rather be working on paper than blogging), but we have some great things coming up and hope to be posting more regularly!
My not-so fab shots don't do these justice. They were beautiful!!

 Kristen, thanks for always coming through! YOU ARE AMAZING!

And here's the tatoo picture. Love it!
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