S+J Kortnee Kate Style

OK seriously Steph and Justin? Take this shot and place it on the cover of any uber-fabulous magazine and sell a million copies. Feast your eyes on Kort and Ted's ah-maz-ing talent. Jealous much? Yes, yes I am and they shot my wedding!! 

Not that Steph needed any help but Summer Holmes rocked it out. Love you Summer!

The First look - totally Steph and Justin :)

Check out Kort's blog to see even more pics. A HUGE thank you to all our vendors. You guys totally made the day. And so much love to S&J - I'll miss getting a daily dose of your goofiness :)

Our Team:
Courtenay Lambert
French House
Kortnee Kate
Goodwin Lighting
DJ Butlers
A Spoon Fulla Sugar
Jeff Thomas Catering

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