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So here's one thing that I know everyone searches the net for - hairstyles! I know I search so many sites that they all became a blur. The great thing about hair comes the bride is that everything is right there for you. You can search by style {up, down, half, smooth, curly, etc}, celebrity or upload a picture of yourself and 'try' the styles. Love it! 

Personally I think you should look like yourself - just amplified! If you never wear your hair curly then your wedding day probably isn't the best day to rock the style. However, never be afraid to try something new.

Here are some of my favorites - notice they're not too fussy and look like something I personally would wear going out if I was even slightly talented enough to do anything but wash-and-wear. I truly believe a bride should look like herself on the wedding day - just a little more polished. You don't want your groom to look right past you wondering where his beautiful bride is ;)

{sidebar::since I found this site you may see me rockin' some of these looks around town!}

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