Slacker coordinator here....we just kicked off a crazy busy wedding blitz this weekend and I've been a bit slower than usual. My apologies :)             
In my slow movingness {yes I just made that word up..} I hadn't gotten around to posting pictures from our last wedding. Rick and I had a great time with this one - the bride and groom were absolute gems to work with.  M + T are such kind people, it makes our jobs easy! M's main direction to me was "do what you think looks best" I love hearing that!! 

This wedding gave me the opportunity to dip back into my days as a flower-shop assistant as I did the centerpieces. And while I'm no Courtenay Lambert, I think it came together beautifully. We kept on budget by ordering all the flowers from flowerman {in Dayton}, M and her ladies put their bouquets together at the shop and I picked everything up the day of and got to work. If you are on a budget this is a great option - however, it's very time intensive so it's not for everyone! 

Ceremony & Reception: Yankee Trace {beautiful!!}
Photog: Robert Hogan w No. 9 images
Florist: me and flowerman 
Musicians: Brian Deyo {always fabulous!}

Ok enough are some of my {not so} fab pics from the day! 
They got married in front of the fire place - love those gladiolus

The incorporated a stone blessing - very beautiful addition to the ceremony

My little Ri smelling the gladiolus - yes I know her hair is in her face....she's 2 what do you want from me?!
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