Doughnuts can be beautiful, too!

Ok, I looove getting to prove people wrong! {Or rather - shedding light on something new. That's nicer, huh?} Backstory - I was at a final meeting and our bride said she'd like to bring something out towards the end of the evening for her guest to munch on. I mentioned doughnuts and the venue contact looked appalled! I'm like - your not going to bust out a box from krispy cream BUT who doesn't love doughnuts? Especially after an evening of drinking! 

So here's my proof that doughnuts can step out from their dark corner and bask in the light of new acceptance. Notice - in all the pictures below you'll see that the sweets are displayed beautifully. It's all about the presentation. 

How fabulous would this be passed at a fall wedding?! I don't even drink coffee and I would partake!!

Or you can always do a cake shaped like coffee and doughnuts! haha - to each their own. 

K - peace out my loves! I'm headed to Buskens......

{confession - we had doughnuts at the end of our wedding. They were made fresh at Ivy Hills and I totally stuffed one in my face before we made our sparkler exit. And I - and our guests - loved it! There's something about a fresh baked doughnut at 1:00 a.m. that takes me back to college... ;)} 

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Cindy said...

Nice post Kristen! I don't really even eat doughnuts and your making me want to throw and event and decorate/ eat tons of them!

LDuerring said...

LOL! I think I was there for this incident. No worries though, my lips are sealed.


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