ML & Bub

ML & Bub are such a fabulous couple. Due to ML' Rick and I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with them. Seriously, it was a pleasure :) I love these two! The event was truly a family affair. Her uncle created all of the floral arrangements and transported them into Cincinnati the week of the wedding. Yes, I was freaking out. But they traveled better then I could have imagined and were stunning.

ML wanted a soft romantic feeling and totally achieved it. When she fell in love with tall wrought-iron chandelier centerpieces {crazy expensive!} her dad stepped in and created her custom pieces. They were ah-mazing. I tried to buy them but I don't think ML is giving them up! {I wouldn't either!!} You can check out his craftiness in the 5th photo section below. I wish I was a better photog so you could see how beautiful the tables were but we all know I'm kinda lacking in that skill area.

Ceremony - St. Xavier
Reception - Bell Event Centre
Photog - Steve Lyons {I'm currently stalking his blog...}
Lighting - Goodwin Lighting
Cake - Patricia's
Band - Clueless

Onto the {not-so} fab shots!
One of our favorite bands, Clueless. Kept the dance floor crowded all night.
Even with Shawn having the flu. That's dedication :)
{Props to Goodwin - look how amazing the lighting is! Huge difference}
New favorite first dance song. Er...what was the song title, ML?
Rick's current favorite cake - Patricia's. So good!
Uber-fabulous candy bar. Candy cigs - AYFKM? Fabulous.
Lots of love you two! We wish you many many years of wedded bliss. And low-stress jobs ;) hehe
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