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A re-post from our fabulous photog, Kortnee Miller {Simply Timeless Photography}. We totally need to find this pup a home. Please contact me or Kortnee if your interested.

Most of you who know me know that I am a dog lover. I come from a long line of dog lovers. Growing up my mom would take in all sorts of stray animals and they would spend their days on our five acres out in the wide open. So many of my childhood photos are with animals…riding dogs, chasing cats, feeding birds…you name it.

The other day I was driving down a four lane busy street when I saw this little brown dog running between all the cars. I actually cringed when he dogged to miss the last car before making it to the sidewalk. I of course pulled over, chased him down the sidewalk and put him in my car. As soon as I put him in the car, he sat politely in the back seat, stuck his nose out the window and sat quietly enjoying the breeze that blew his cute little ears back all the way home.

I have had him now for a few weeks, looking for a fabulous home for him. We would love to keep him but for many reasons are are not able to. So I decided to post him here on the blog! He is the sweetest little dog that wants to be loved and snuggled all day long. He is hilarious…he loves to talk to you! He also loves kids (Micah and him wrestle all the time!) and he is great with other dogs. He also LOVES to be outside and is super playful. He is not one of those dogs that has to be inside all the time to be happy. Many a day he is outside laying in the sun on a comfy grass spot and perfectly happy.

So, if you or anyone else is looking for a fabulous dog that needs a good home…please give us a call here at the studio… 513.807.3000 or you can email me at Oh, by the way, he is between 40 and 50 pounds and is house broken!

Look at this face….

Please please let us know if you know anyone searching for the perfect pup!
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