Jen & Tim

Ceremony: Kenwood 
Florist: Susan Foy
Make up: Heidi McKenna 

Jen and Tim were so adorable, they both work hard and are so in love. They actually made me pause the day of and hug my husband. Sometimes love just encourages more love :) 

Now, the first photo is not one I would normally lead off with but I think it highlights the venue quite well. I am totally in love with the Bell! It's the first place we've been where Rick and I said "why didn't we get married here?!" I can't wait to see the images Manuel captured, they're going to be gorgeous. Until then you'll have to make due with my {not-so} fab shots! 

{Bridesmaid bouquets...the flowers were Stunning! Mad props to Susan!}

{Love the different dresses - highly encouraged!}

{One of my favorite guest books, wine bottles!}

{Some disagree but I'm standing firm, I'm a fan of menus for buffets.
 Everyone likes to know what their eating!}

I know it's been a while since my last post...I'm sorry! But the official season started for us several weeks ago and it's been nonstop since! However I do have some {not-so} fab pics from another event coming up AND one of my favorites will be highlighted in our Meet the Vendors spotlight this week, CLF. If you don't know who that is make sure to stop by Wednesday and meet her! 

Until then, lots of love! k&r

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging us! You got some great shots of the wedding. Everything was wonderful that day of and we are still reveling in the perfection of our wedding day--largely due to your help!

PicturesByTracy said...

The guest signing the wine...fab! What a cute picture of you guys:)


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