The Journey of an Invite

A lot goes into creating a custom invitation. I thought I would share our most recent journey with bride ML and the oh-so-fabulous Blustery Day Designs. ML wanted a modern vintage and graphic design. Colors began as blue, silver and pink - as shown in this post. Like so many other brides she saw the vision in her head but couldn't quite articulate it. We began the process in November and finalized the invite set today! With the event coming up at the end of March BD is hard at work getting them printed! Mad crazy props and thanks to the girls - you all rock!

OK here's invite option 1 -

Loved the designs but didn't feel quite right. A little too girly for the couple.

Round 2...
I personally L.O.V.E this invite! However, ML's fiance said it looked like a Japanese themed wedding. We thought about re-designing the event to match but thought it would be too much work ;) I'd love for someone to use this design!

#3 looking for a more graphic-vintage feel..Almost there but something was off...

Try 4. ThisClose! Love the graphic and the color. Now we just need to decide on the orientation of the graphic......A little flip here and a little resizing of the actual invite....and TA-DA! The final invitation set! {Our favorite option - something Rick and I actually agreed on!}

So as you can see, an invitation takes lots of twists and turns before it is even sent to the printer! As always, I'm entirely grateful for the amazing vendors we work with. Vanessa and Jessica with BD are always great and I love when I hear another TC client has enlisted their services.
Thanks ML for letting me share your journey with our readers! Muah!

Invitations really do set the tone of your event - something I said 3 years ago when planning my own wedding. Rick thought I was nuts...thankfully he's come around and now whole-heartedly agrees with me. My advice, take your time and don't settle! You do not have to order from some online bulk store to find a reasonably priced custom invitation set! There are tons of options out there you've just got to be patient and find them!
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