Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

So I'm home waiting for the plumber to show up (damn 100+ yr houses!) and I decided to catch up on my DVRed episodes of Whose Wedding is it Anyway. I  actually used to watch the show before TC came to be but honestly, I can barely get through an episode now. 

Does anyone else watch this and think WTH? If I'm paying you $5k + you better come up with something better than this:

Nothing wrong with it per say but it doesn't make you gasp in delight. And I'm sure I'm offending someone out there (please accept my humble apology) but I mean, really?! You would have been better off putting that extra money into the tablescapes! All I can see are clouds of white with big blue bows. Oh and a plant somewhere in the middle there.

Since I am always so quick to share my opinion let me share this, I am also not a fan of 'scattered' petals. The table above everything going to make it a fab setting; beautiful linens, napkin treatments, chargers and pretty table numbers. But tell me, what the heck are the centerpieces? I can't even find them! Then throw in those petals and my eyes are so confused they hurt! This is a case of much too much going on. If I were the planner/coordinator I would have gently suggested narrowing our focus. Of course I would do whatever you wanted but...

So, can rose petals work? Absolutely, check out the images below in which the petals enhance the setting and don't detract from the focus. Notice, none have petals scattered all about - they are all contained and used en masse. 

Anyway, that's just my opinion. It's not like I'm on national television or anything.....

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Cindy and Brent Cullen said...

i agree with those rose petals. you have excellent taste my dear!


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