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In 2005 we lost one of our very best friends, Kari to a car accident on I75. We (my family) have known her family since before my sister, I or Kari were born, thus we saw ourselves more as sisters than friends. Somehow fate brought us together and we attended Ohio University together. We tried to take as many classes together as we could and always ended up having to cram our final projects together in one night. But we were hanging out so the hard work didn't bother us so much. We both loved OU with a deep passion and said we would always give back to the university. (OU alumni are slightly proud of their university....).

Anyway, Kari and I both graduated in 2003, me with my history degree and Kari with a BFA in graphic design. You see Kari was a phenomenal artist. After graduation she landed a fabulous job and was quickly making a name for herself in the art world. She sold tons of paintings and had gallery openings in New York City. Words can't really explain how losing her felt and still feels like today. I don't think you ever get over losing a friend, a sister.

SO back to the real reason for this post! We held a benefit after Kari's death and established an art scholarship fund at OU in her name. This is where you come in! On January 20th (Kari's Birthday, she'd be turning 29) Barnes and Nobles are donating a portion of each book purchase to her scholarship fund if you give them this voucher number: 454033.

This voucher can be used at any Barnes and Nobles (not just Ohio!) so if you were planning on purchasing any books please please do it on January 20th (Tuesday) and give them the voucher number 454033. If you do please leave a comment so I can acknowledge you! Thanks for listening! And make sure you don't take what you have for granted, one never knows what tomorrow will bring.

Just for fun - some of her art. She loved working with mixed media:

My favorite: one of her earliest pieces but I fancy myself a bit of a princess so this speaks to me. The image served as the background for our Save the Dates. Yep dork. Oh well...

More information: About Kari, the Kari Rosenberg OU Scholarship Fund, some of Kari's Art.

See ya on the flip side - mad love.

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