Who Says Vanilla is Plain?!

With a focus on contemporary design and taste the Vanilla Bake Shop is quickly climbing it's way up my favorite list! Aside from the gorgeous designs, it is run by a husband and wife team - love that! After graduating culinary school, they started a dessert catering company. After such great feedback, they opened Vanilla Bake Shop. The name was concocted years ago in culinary school. Story is while in class one day, her instructor told her that "Vanilla was the worlds most universally loved flavor." We knew when the time was right, that would be thLinke name of our bake shop. Look at that storefront in Santa Monica - damask!

Vanilla Bake Shop bakes cakes, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, and lots of other sweets! They have some amazing flavors such as: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Cake, Red Velvet, Passion Fruit Creme, Carrot Cake, Espresso and cupcakes also flavors such as Key Lime, Blackberry Passion Fruit, Strawberries & Creme, and Toasted Coconut. I know flying your cake in from Cali is probably out of question but they do ship cupcakes and cupcake babies! Here's some design inspiration but definitely check out their site for more pics!

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