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The Inspiration Board, a visual representation of the elements and feeling that represents your dream wedding. Style Me Pretty started this trend and made it look so easy, but let's face it, unless you have photoshop or another program like it creating one can prove more difficult than originally anticipated. But have no fear I have found you an alternative! There is a fabulous place where you can bring all your ideas together easily and beautifully - Bridal Canvas.

Once at their site, Bridal Canvas gives you the tools to create your very own inspiration board like the one above. They post other member’s boards, so it’s a great way to get some new ideas, and see some interesting combinations to help you think outside of the box! Be sure to check out their “pro” section as well to see what event professionals are up to! After spending all that time on your own masterpiece send it over to me and we'll post some of our readers' Bridal Canvas' :)

Here's just a few more to get those creative juices flowin'!
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megan mc. said...

Too funny! I actually have that first one saved on my computer as one of my favs!!

We ordered invitations last week...I'll send you a pic when they get here. We used Kristen at Poeme.


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